The Civic Orchestra of Tucson is a 65-member, all-volunteer orchestra whose musicians share a common love for performing classical music to southern Arizona audiences. Some are professional musicians or music teachers. Others have various types of jobs, some are students, and some are retired. All members appreciate the opportunity to practice and perform in a symphony orchestra. Visit our Repertoire page to see all the pieces that the orchestra has performed.
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Meet Our Musicians

New! In 2017 we asked our musicians:
"Which three composers would want to listen to if you were stranded on an island for a year, and why?" (Most wanted to name many more than three!)
In 2016, we asked our musicians,
"Why did you choose the instrument you play?"
In 2015, we asked our musicians,
"Where were you in 1975, the year the orchestra was founded?"

In 2014, we asked our musicians to finish this sentence:
"I like playing in the Civic Orchestra of Tucson because..."

Members of the COT ~ 2017-2018 Season

Violin I
Emily Evans, Concertmaster
Rose Briones
Lani Chapman
Susan Horn
Randy Krieg
Timothy Liu
Judith Strayer
Nina Vadiei

Violin II
Amy Osmun *
Ethan Beasley
Hun Brown
Wallace Burney
Chris Byron
Teresa Finley
Lori Fitzsimmons
Chad Kurtzman
Nora May
Lee Oler
Bonnie Wolf

Daphne Madson *
Jennie Duchschere
Glynn Eastham
Martha Eby
Calliandra Hermanson
Kim Hogarty
Laura Hyland
Colleen Johnson
Marianne McCarthy
Patricia Thoresen

[Musicians are listed in
alphabetical in each section
after the Principal player.]
Rahşan Apay-Durdağ *
Steve Bryan
Dorothy Fitch
Mary Jennings
Barbara Lane
Joanna Miller
Sylvia Payne
Harriet Yount

Double Bass
Theresa Christy*
Jamie Matthews
Dave Shurtleff
Charlie Welty

Fran Moskovitz *
Mary Glueck
Dee Korich

Ed Hoornaert *
Marilyn McNamara

English Horn
Marilyn McNamara

Chauncey Roach *
Deon Hill

* Principal
Barbara Bayless *
Debbi Gurocak

William Winkelman *
Janelle Borg
Mary Phillips
Elaine Walter

Jerry Trout *
Richard Blickenstaff
Larry Redhouse

Thomas Landon *
Mike Doyle
Thomas Herrera

Rip Lowman
Mary Ann Tilford

Barbara Freischlad
Russell Turner *
Monica Bauer
Fabian Lopez
Tony Martin
Denielle Swartz
Chris Tackett

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