Lilly Cottam

Lilly CottamLilly Cottam is a home-schooled seventeen-year-old, who has played the cello for four and a half years. Her teacher, Mary Beth Tyndall, is an incredible inspiration and motivation for her. Mary Beth has pushed Lilly to aim higher than she thought was possible, and to enter various competitions, including the Civic Orchestra of Tucson’s Young Artists’ Competition; in 2017 she tied for first place in the Senior String Division of COT’s competition.

Although Lilly began learning the cello at a much later age than a lot of young musicians, she has been challenged to work hard and pursue excellence, in an effort to be able to perform at the same level as her peers. It is a great honor for her to play with the Civic Orchestra of Tucson. 

Having studied in the Young Composer’s Project for three years, Lilly enjoys composing music as well as playing her cello. She has been a member of Tucson Junior Strings, and in her junior year, Lilly joined the Tucson Philharmonia Youth Orchestra, enjoying the opportunities and community that TPYO offers. For several years, Lilly has attended the Cello Congress at the University of Arizona, as well as Rocky Ridge Music Center in Estes Park, Colorado; both of these experiences have stretched and challenged her musically. 

In the future, Lilly would like to teach music. Her dream is to pass on the same joy and love of music to others that she has been given by Mary Beth Tyndall.

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